Ghostly Rewards Program

Last Updated: Feb 23, 2017 08:57PM CET
As a valued member of the Ghostly family, you've been exclusively invited to join the Ghostly Rewards Program! The Ghostly Rewards Program works similarly to other established referral programs (I.e. Uber, Lyft, Dropbox).

Refer friends to The Ghostly Store and reap the rewards. Here's how:
  1. All members will receive an email containing their personal referral link. Share this with friends who may love what Ghostly has to offer, but have never made a purchase themselves.
  2. Once your friend clicks on your referral link, they may checkout using the enclosed 10% discount code. Don't worry if your friend does not purchase immediately! As long as they click the link once, the referred purchase will be tied to you as an advocate. 
  3. Two days after your friend's purchase is confirmed eligible, you will receive your reward email: a unique code good for 20% off any purchase over $20.00USD. This is good for 1 use, and expires 6 months from when you first receive.
  4. The referred friend will now become an advocate, complete with their own personalized link that they can in turn share with more friends.
  5. Keep referring new friends to receive new rewards!
Please note that if an order is cancelled or does not meet the eligibility requirements, the reward will not be sent. This is why there is a 2-day confirmation period between checkout and receiving the reward. 

All artwork is exempt from the Ghostly Rewards Program. Any art orders placed using referral OR friend codes will be cancelled without notice. Only one code per checkout.

Requirements for an Eligible Referred Friend Purchase:


  1. The Referred Friend clicked your personalized advocate link at least once prior to checking out.
  2. The order is not cancelled or deemed fraudulent.


Requirements for an Eligible Advocate Purchase:


  1. The Advocate's purchase must amount to at least $20.01 USD for code to validate at checkout.
  2. The Advocate's order must not be cancelled or deemed fraudulent.


How to Track Your Referrals and Rewards:‚Äč
  1. Visit
  2. Enter your email and name, then click the submit button.
  3. In the top-right corner, click Track Your Rewards.